How well do your staff represent your brand?

When building a brand, it is critically important to ensure that all aspects of your business reflect and support your intended company vision, including the most valuable asset – your employees. A lot of effort, time and expense goes into developing a brand at the top level of a business but sometimes the message can get lost by the time it reaches staff.

Are you confident that your employees are portraying your brand how you want it to be portrayed? Do they truly understand the function of sales and marketing? 

Strong brands aren’t built by the marketing team alone; employees that understand their role in the company and represent and communicate the brand well when dealing with clients and prospects help you reach your brand potential.

To help your business accomplish this goal, Whale makes sure to involve all members of staff in our branding workshops right at the start of the process.  By being able to contribute to the exercise, employees feel more engaged and informed of the brand values and will be more motivated in communicating and representing those values when following up with marketing activities.

The business development awareness skills in your ‘front line’ staff can have a significant impact on your business, if they are coached effectively in communicating your brand values, you will be able to maximise the effect of your marketing.

You can be more confident knowing your staff are pro-actively:

–  Representing  your brand values

–  Developing stronger relationships with clients and potential customers

-  Spotting opportunities and actively encouraging business

–  Following up marketing campaigns

–  Developing good personal branding that enhances your business values

Kathryn Bistacchi, Business Development Associate at Whale Marketing specialises in helping client facing teams work closely with marketing to maximise results. Using a range of methods including, workshops, training, coaching and mentoring we tailor our service to help clients increase returns and achieve their business goals.

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